Reusable 4mm/8mm Electrode


Reusable Ag/AgCl electrodes


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These reusable Ag/AgCl electrodes are typically used for collecting EMG or fEMG signals, but can be used to record any biopotential signal (ECG, EOG, EMG, etc). The electrodes come in 4mm and 8mm sizes, with 4mm being preferred for measuring facial EMG due to the size of the muscles being measured. These electrodes have an industry-standard 1.5 DIN connector for use with the MindWare BioNex (along with a Subject Harness) or the MindWare Mobile.

Note: Use of these electrodes requires additional supplies, including: adhesive collars, electrolyte gel, syringes, and blunt tip needles. 

Technical Specifications:

  • 4mm or 8mm diameter
  • 1mm thick Ag/AgCl sintered sensor for strength and durability
  • Reusable and cleanable with electrode cleaner paste
  • 1m unshielded wire with 1.5 DIN connector

4mm, 8mm

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