Staying true to our roots.

Before we started developing our own solutions, we specialized in integrating various systems in the lab – a model we still emphasize today, by offering flexible and simple integrations with other commonly used lab technologies. If you are looking for a system ready for modern multimodal study paradigms, you have come to the right place:

Stimulus presentation

• Collect events with millisecond precision to link stimulus and physiology
• Connect with popular products like E-Prime and SuperLab,
• Develop your own in MATLAB or Python

Eye tracking

Track statistics such as AOI, gaze, and saccades in the lab, or in the field with the Tobii Glasses 2 and MindWare Mobile synchronization


Study both the CNS and ANS by synchronizing physiology data from the BioNex or MindWare Mobile with leading EEG/fNIR technologies such as:

BioSemi • Phillips Neuro (formerly EGI) • Cognionics • NIRX


Capture video from an unlimited number of cameras with frame-level precision by combining physiology from BioLab with Mangold VideoSyncPro.

Take event capture to the next level by utilizing Mangold INTERACT, the most advanced and flexible behavioral data mining tool on the market. Our seamless integration with Mangold products allows physiology to drive behavioral analysis and vice versa.

3rd Party Data Acquisition

Collected data using another system? We’ve got you covered with the ability to read 3rd party data files natively, along with a flexible import tool for data stored in a text or character delimited format.

Custom Integration

Have an instrument or application that you would like to integrate?