Analysis Software

Built by researchers, for researchers.

MindWare's intuitive and flexible analysis software allows you to quickly navigate to time periods of interest using a comprehensive data segmentation system. Many features are driven by user feedback, and always grounded in strong scientific principles - all of our algorithms can be found in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Seamless integration with the BioLab data acquisition software.

Have data collected in another system? Many popular data types are read natively, and others can be easily imported.

• MindWare (.mwx/.mwi, .mw)
• European Data Format (.edf)
• BioSemi (.bdf)
• BioPac (.acq)
• BrainVision (.vhdr, .eed, .vmrk)

Save time with streamlined analysis workflows

The MindWare analysis software applications provide the quickest way to perform typically time-consuming steps such as data segmentation and edits. Spend less time editing data and more time doing what you do best.

Stay Focused.

Focus on the task at hand with applications tailored for a specific type of analysis, including:


Heart Rate Variability


Cardiac Impedance


Electrodermal Activity


Blood Pressure





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