MindWare BioNex 4-Channel Subject Harness



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The 4-channel subject harness is used to connect the subject to a MindWare BioNex module. It is compatible with the following modules:

  • Impedance Cardiograph & GSC Module (1st and 2nd generation)
  • 4-Channel BioPotential Module
  • 3 Channel BioPotential & GSC Module

The harness is compatible with all MindWare touchproof snap leads and 4mm/8mm reusable electrodes. These leads/electrodes can be purchased separately, or as a package with the subject harness.

Each input on the harness is color coded to coordinate with the channel being used and signal being collected. See documentation on a particular BioNex module for more information.


Harness Only, Harness & 9 EMG Leads, Harness With 40 Inch Snap Leads, Harness With 80 Inch Snap Leads