MindWare Mobile

In the lab or on the go.

Whether your studies take place in the lab or in the field, the MindWare Mobile provides the optimal solution for capturing physiological signals. Synchronize up to 8 subjects with wireless streaming to our BioLab software, or send your subjects out into the world and record directly to the SD card with 24 hours runtime on a single battery charge.

Full spectrum recording with a single device.

Collect a wide array of physiological signals including EKG, PPG, GSC, cardiac impedance, EMG, respiration, and more.

Full spectrum recording with a single device.

Synchronize up to 8 subjects with wireless data streaming to our BioLab software.

Observe the full spectrum of autonomic nervous system responses:


• Heart rate variability (RSA, RMSSD)
• Respiration


• Cardiac impedance (PEP, LVET, Cardiac Output)
• Skin conductance (SCL, EDA)

More:  Muscle activity (fEMG)  •  Motion  •  Pulse transit time


Highest Quality

Years of research & development allow us to provide the highest quality signals.


Designed for Movement

A 3-axis accelerometer provides maximum control for movement.


Real Feedback

Two built-in event buttons allow for live recording of subject feedback.

High performance.
Small form factor.

• 4.62” tall x 3.11” wide x 1.3” thick
• 8.4oz weight
• 24-bit resolution
• 500 samples per second
• 8 channels
• Built in 3-axis accelerometer
• 24 hour runtime
• Simple electrode interface
• Wireless data transmission with millisecond-precise synchronization

More information

  • Applications
  • Local & Wireless Acquisition
    • Monitor: Mental Workload, Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Measures, Respiration, Motion, and Muscle Activity
    • Wide Range of Study: Psychophysiology, Stress & Health, Behavior, Children Studies, Performance, Neuromarketing, Psychology, Psychobiology, and more
    • Signal Collection: EKG, GSR, EMG, Z0, dZ/dt, Respiratory, 3 axis accelerometry
  • Specs
  • Applications – ECG, EMG, EOG, GSR, Cardiac Impedance, Piezo Respiration Sensors, Signal recording from other instruments
    Channels – Up to 8 Channels (2 Bio Channels, Z0, dZ/dt, GSC, Accelerometry)
    Storage – SDHC Card or PC over WiFi
    Device Interface – Screen
    Power and Acquisition Control – Local to Device when using SD card or on PC when over WiFi
    Event Marking Buttons – 2 in local mode
    Analog Sampling Resolution – 24-bit
    Accelerometer Resolution – 16-bit
    Z0 Max Sample Rate – 500 Hz
    SCL Max Sample Rate – 500 HZ
    dZ/dt Sample Rate – 500 Hz
    dZ/dt Derivative – Continuous
    Base Battery Life – 24 hrs local mode, 6 Hrs+ WiFi mode
    Maximum Continuous Acquisition – 48 Hrs+
    Size – 117 x 79 x 47 mm
    Weight with Battery and Leads – 370g

    Enhance your field research by combining the MindWare Mobile with the Field-Laboratory Integration Platform.