Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response (*Updated 6/16/20*)

The global pandemic resulting from COVID-19 has caused many universities and research institutions to shut their doors. In this time of uncertainty, many members of our community have reached out for advice on how to proceed and best make use of this time to stay on track with their research. While collecting data may prove difficult for many studies, now is the perfect time to get caught up on data analysis.

Historically, MindWare analysis software has been licensed with a USB key – something very practical when we could physically meet and exchange keys. Since this pandemic began, and due to the onset of social distancing, we’ve worked hard to provide researchers an alternative to the USB licensing model.

On April 7th, the MindWare team was proud to announce our ability to offer free access to our analysis software to all that requested it. We accomplished this by creating a brand new service from the ground up utilizing a cloud-based software licensing system. The positive feedback we received after offering this complimentary service for two months made us glad that we could help during these uncertain times.

As time passes and the lockdowns continue, the easing of social distancing restrictions still seems far away. Due to this, we’ve decided that in order to best support our researchers, the new virtual software licensing service will be offered as an ongoing subscription.

By offering licenses to our software as a subscription, we have made distributed analysis more affordable with monthly and annual options. After consulting with a selection of users, we have opted for a tiered pricing model that factors in the number of licenses your laboratory wants to access. 

If you’ve already purchased permanent USB key-based licenses, it’s important to know that we’re also able to transfer these licenses to our virtual licensing model free of charge. This means that you no longer require the USB key to operate the software on your computer, but it also binds the license to a particular PC. Again, please contact us for assistance.

Please click here for more program and pricing information.

Additionally, we are planning to run some special webinars during the coming months. Be sure to check our Events page, or sign up for our Webinar Announcements mailing list for opportunities to stay engaged with the research community.

As always, we are proud to be your partners in research innovation and hope that this helps everyone stay productive and get through this challenging time together.

How can I convert my USB-based licenses to virtual licenses?

Conversion of USB-based licenses to virtual licenses can be requested by submitting the contact form below or emailing [email protected]. This process will effectively de-activate your USB software key. If, when your lab reopens, you would like to return to using your USB software key, just let us know and we will transfer them back!

We will be in touch with license information and download links shortly after receiving your request.

Additional Resources

Getting started with MindWare Analysis applications

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Technical Questions

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Recommended File Sharing Tools

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Other Questions

We are here to help! MindWare is proud to remain fully operational (albeit remote) during this crisis. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you.
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More Information

Have a question about the new licensing options/pricing? Need assistance converting your existing license to a virtual license? Let us know by completing this form or sending us an email!